Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click is an effective form of online advertising whereby you’ll pay a cost for every click that is made on your advert. Whilst PPC is a great form of generating leads you’ll need to ensure that your PPC advertising account is correctly set up for success, so that you don’t waste money on clicks that aren’t going to convert into customers.

At Connecta Media we specialise in connecting you with your target audience - our pay per click marketing strategies focus entirely around this concept, making sure that your business is seen by people who are actively looking for and purchasing your products or services.

PPC marketing is all about relevance and through targeting settings and a robust account structure your business can run a successful and profitable PPC marketing campaign. There are many areas of a PPC account strategy that need to be taken in to consideration before throwing money at your account; you need to ensure that you have the correct structure, that you have selected the most appropriate and sought after keywords, that your ads are relevant and enticing and that your landing pages are set up to convert. What’s more, to know if your strategy is working, you'll need to implement custom reporting too. Connecta Media are on hand to manage all of this for you, taking the hassle out of PPC marketing for your business.

There are many different channels available to promote your business via PPC marketing, including:

    • GoogleAds
    • BingAds
    • Facebook/Instagram

Whether you already have a PPC advertising account that needs improvement, or you want to start a PPC marketing strategy from scratch, we’re experts in creating and managing paid marketing campaigns so get in touch with Connecta Media today to start connecting with your target audience online.